Abeam Malaysia SAP B1 is little to average size business ERP application, and please attempt to tune your desires to straightforwardness and sensible adaptability of SB1. On the off chance that it doesn’t fit precisely to your business forms as they are in your inheritance MRP, at that point you ought to adjust however much of SAP BO standard rationale as could reasonably be expected and just sensibly little hover of required custom highlights ought to be actualized by means of alteration and programming

1. Sequential Numbers for Warranty contract thing. You can have either your interior or maker sequential number.

2. Guarantee contract types. SB1 underpins a boundless number of agreements, where you can indicate the term, which costs are billable or secured: things (or new parts), work, travel. On the off chance that cost is by all accounts extraordinary, you can generally rename it as billable on the particular receipt level

3. Tenant agreements. As everything in SAP Business One, you can locate the choice to manage tenant agreements, where thing isn’t leaving your Inventory and GL balance. The choices to consider would make unique Rentals distribution center, allotting rental thing through Sales Order (this apportions the thing, yet keeps it in your stock)

4. Guarantee service calls. This is the place you can enter brought about costs and transform them into Order, Invoice or other report

5. Numerous rentals every year. In the event that you partner your leasing things with Service Warranty contracts, as being designated through Sales Order, you can follow them by means of Service reports. For this situation, you can even go past SB1 standard rationale and enter such rentals related exchanges, as Fixed Assets in lease devaluation in General Ledger

6. Sap Business One Licensing. As of now it is across the management, with the special case to CRM clients. Likewise all licenses are per named client

7. Information transformation, customization, combination alternatives. Here we prescribe you to audit Workbench and SB1 SDK or Software Development Kit

8. SB1 innovation. MS SQL Server 2000 or 2005 ought to be considered as DB stage, SDK will require Microsoft Visual Studio C# or VB programming, which ought to ideally be done through SB1 ISV or programming advancement accomplice.