I watched one day as a journalist met a Muslim understudy in the auditorium of one of America’s most renowned schools. The youngster was embellished with a silk headpiece and seemed to originate from a well off Arab family I assumed. When asked whether Israel reserved an option to live in harmony in the land that they presently held as their country he got bothered and resentful. He stated, “Who is Israel and what history do they have, who ever knew about Israel before now.”

His obliviousness of Israel’s long history in the land they presently have along with the helpless reflection he gave of his schools scholastic left me in shock. However this is more average than anybody may presume. The normal American other than the individuals who have gone to free bible college or theological school has next to zero information on Middle Eastern history.

Israeli and Arab history is mysteriously connected to the history and prosperity of all different countries around the world. History and Bible prediction are together both an study of the past and a sweeping perspective on what’s to come. When in 1948 Israel got back to its previous antiquated country and afterward reclaimed Jerusalem in 1967 from its foes who dwarfed them twenty to one she broke each record throughout the entire existence of our reality. No country has gotten back to its previous geological limits subsequent to being dependent upon another country or scattered for over fifty years and become a free and autonomous country once more, aside from Israel.

From the times of Abraham and down through the Golden Era of Israel and up to the here and now the message of the prophets and now the chronicled record have spoken with one voice to caution the world and to bring to realization each significant prediction in the Bible. So what is that message?

Set forth plainly, the Bible says that when Israel possesses her unique country and Jerusalem that there is nevertheless one age left to man before the Lord Jesus Christ returns. Beginning after the multi day war after which Israel took Jerusalem back the clock has started ticking. Unfortunately, this isn’t a guarantee of harmony for Israel or any of the countries. Or maybe it is the sign of a few additional occasions that will shake the world.

At about a similar time Israel recaptures nationhood the Bible says that an incredible politically influential nation will start shaping inside similar geological limits as the old Roman Empire. The EU or European Union started shaping around 1955 and obscure to the normal individual today is turning into the best square of countries ever found throughout the entire existence of the world. It by and by controls practically a large portion of the universes dispatching, has a gross public item multiple times more prominent than the United States and when military may is at last merged together will without question be the most remarkable element in the advanced time.

It is from that new force that the fiercest and best tyrant the world has ever realized will develop. He is a political and military virtuoso that plunges upon the whole world with a monetary framework that will attract each country, tongue and clan of the earth. He will make Hitler resemble an ensemble kid and he will prevail with such speed that nobody will shape any opposition whatsoever before he has the world reeling. The Bible doesn’t explicitly name this last tyrant however he is notable worldwide as the Antichrist.

What does all that intend to the Middle East…plenty? At the point when Israel missed the hour of her appearance (first happening to Christ) her prophets had just predicted that she would be scattered all through the world and chased and killed as pariahs. History has just disclosed to us that aspect of the story. Moving toward the last age her prophets told that she would be drawn and assembled from everywhere the world back to her country albeit still despised and bugged by the entirety of her neighbors and foes.

The wars and engagements will proceed and for a brief time frame with the assistance of the Antichrist Israel will know a couple of long periods of relative harmony. At long last the Antichrist will show his genuine nature to the world and Israel won’t escape. She will be dominated and different countries will stomp on through Jerusalem for three and one half years. At the point when the last push comes Israel will be shielded and conveyed by the Savior she dismissed.