Dual WhatsApp for Android: Use 2 WhatsApp in Dual Sim Phones

By | June 17, 2017

How to use 2 WhatsApp in Dual Sim Phone: Multiple WhatsApp Setup

WhatsApp is a very common messaging app used by millions across the globe.It allows easy connectivity with friends and family.Be it text messages, photos, audio or videos, WhatsApp can be used to share everything.Nowadays you can also share documents such as PDF with WhatsApp.But, there is one common problem that people using Dual SIM phones face.That is they can use only one phone number with WhatsApp.Yes you heard it right, the official version of WhatsApp allows you to use only one number connected with it.Hence, you can have only one WhatsApp account installed at a time.You must be wondering that it is a serious limitation and one cannot simply use Multiple WhatsApp accounts at once.Not to worry, as there is an unofficial but neat workaround for this problem.

Dual WhatsApp Android APK Free Download

To use 2 WhatsApp in a dual sim phone, you need to perform some simple steps below:


1.Download and Install Parallel Space application from Google Play Store.Click here to download.

2.Open the app and select Whatsapp.It is going to install another WhatsApp application into your phone.It will be named WhatsApp Beta or Whatsapp β.

3.Open WhatsApp β and verify as usual.One thing you need to be careful about is to use the secondary phone number.If you enter the primary number on which WhatsApp is already installed, it will stop working.So be particularly careful to enter only the secondary number.

4.Enjoy Two WhatsApp on your Android phone.

Hence by employing the above mentioned steps one can enjoy Dual WhatsApp in one phone at once.

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