Bible put together marriage is based with respect to scriptural standards. It follows divine statute makes individuals included glad constantly. It gives space for good and faithful child rearing, disposed of crafted by the villain in marriage along these lines fulfilling God. It includes the accompanying:

a. It is established in the expression of God: God is associated with the decision making measure; with supplication and heavenly heading as the significant determinants, it includes unadulterated romance, superb wedding and upbeat marriage.

b. Head function of the Husband: Husband is the head. He is a pioneer not a chief, a spouse not a horseman and the head not the migraine. Here, the spouse realizes that he is only the ‘nonentity’, the genuine head is God himself. Subsequently, he is mindful so as to do everything in the dread of the Lord, not ruling over the spouse.

c: Wife as the subhead: The spouse is prepared to submit in veneration to God . Be that as it may, she complies, and venerates her better half.

d: Loving Husband: The spouse is a sweetheart, cherishing the wife as Christ adores the congregation.

e. Correspondence: There is positive correspondence in such marriages.

f. Coordination: Husband has the last say however the spouse is given the chance of impacting his decisions.They are appropriately planned

g. No obstruction: Third gatherings (kids, parents in law, companions) are not given chance of interfering with them

h. Giggling: There is humor and chuckling in the home. A marriage without humor resembles a vehicle without guard in this manner looking terrible.

I. Supplication: Family raised area and Community bible study are normal observances. They don’t play with their petition life.

j. Sentiment: There is consistent sentiment in the marriage

k. Fellowship: Oneness, harmony and solidarity are in the place of any Bible based marriage.

l. Combination: In a Bible based marriage, men bring satisfaction and settle the family while the ladies (the hearts of the family) have messengers in harmony, quietness and solace.