The best time to apply fertilizer is a most thinkable fact in all time for now days for both with the farmers and for the tree lovers through they don’t get the knowledge about which time they should choose for their firming and which weather is suitable for planting trees or firming.

Through now a day the weather is become so confusing because of the environment. The environment is changing day by day for the pollution fact, because of the air pollution water pollution and also for the environment there are many issues occurring with the global warming and that’s why the nature is become infected and it’s also effect as well the weather. So, the weather is become like so unpredictable that saying about the good time for firming is so unusual. That’s the thing most people try to know this day who want to enjoy the firming or cultivating also for those who want to do a personal gardening as well as. So, if you are thinking about the fertilizer for palm plants, as well as palm oil that how many times you can apply the fertilizer for your palm plant then three times in a year will be the best time for a palm tree and for adding fertilizer you just choose a sunny day because if its look like the rainy day then the rain water will harm your tree. After the firming and processing of the plantation we need to know about if there are any chances of rain then the rain water will be drown away all the fertilizer and fertilizer components will be washed away.

SO, applying fertilizer for your plant will be the thing for time consuming and know the weather also you need to be careful about your plant the place and the others surrounding for your palm tree.