Are you fans of organ meat? If yes, what kind of organ you have eaten in the past? Once in a blue moon, there is a period of time that many people are talking about organ meat. Why you should eat organ meat, not frequent of course.

Organ meat have high protein which can provide our body circulation function even faster. Therefore, you often see people’s face turn red after eating organ meat, it is because their blood circulation is functioning at the moment.

The most famous organ meat, liver. Why I recommend you to try eating organ meat, especially liver, it is because organ having high iron and vitamin as their best nutrient.

Another main reason why people are eating liver is because by eating organ meat, especially liver, it helps our body to filter out all of the unwanted stuff such as the toxic that stores in our blood. It helps to filter out everything, and also the dust that we breathe into our lungs, the organ meat will help us to sort it all out.

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Do you know that if our body are stored with full of dust in our lungs, it will slowly cause our body system to decrease and eventually, we will start to notice of getting diseases? It looks so small and even transparent, but the power is bigger than our beyond imagination.

Last but not least, one of the ingredients, choline, are also part of the nutrient in the liver, which improves our brain in terms of functioning.